Digiledge : Delivering 360-Degree Business Solutions Based on Blockchain Efficiency

CIO Vendor As more and more enterprises start looking at blockchain technology as a potential game changer, new business models are likely to emerge. Mahesh Govind, Founder of Digiledge, a Bengaluru based firm which delivers intelligent blockchain solutions for the businesses, believes the technology is likely to bring about drastic changes in the fashion in which software is consumed. This change in business model will essentially be due to blockchain’s ability to enable enterprises to share true copy/same copy of data with their partners, thus building an environment of visibility and flexibility.

While a number of enterprises are still trying to test waters with blockchain, Digiledge is already providing 360-degree solutions, starting with business consulting, solution creation, deployment, and roll out of blockchain based solutions for IoT, supply chain and the fintech and insurance verticals. At the core of Digiledge is the enterprise-ready platform which could be deployed in-house or on cloud or on special hardware. Speaking of the firm’s offerings in the market, Mahesh Govind divulges, “We deliver both software platforms and end to end appliances that satisfy the blockchain requirements. The Digiledge platform is capable of delivering high-performance blockchain applications not only for the fintech vertical but various other industry verticals as well where security and performance play a critical role.”

Digiledge is driven by seasoned professionals, all of who bring in an experience of over a decade of taking up important roles as a product manager, architect and software engineer in global organizations.
Hence, it goes without saying that the team’s experience in creating enterprise blockchain solutions and the knowledge gained in the process is derived from implementing real enterprise networks and the same is reflected in the firm’s solutions which deliver optimum performance to the users. Along with blockchain, Digiledge’s solutions leverage the power of analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) which further strengthens the firm’s offerings.

At the core of Digiledge is the enterprise-ready platform which could be deployed in-house or on cloud or on special hardware

While servicing the fintech, banking and insurance domains, Digiledge delivered multiple Proof of Concepts and is now in the process of taking the next steps. Mahesh Govind further added that the firm has also created intelligent settlement and reconciliation blockchain platform, which can do near real-time reconciliation. When asked about the Digiledge blockchain platform’s ability to provide a robust supply chain and logistics services, the founder responded, “We have created our platform to cater to the various enterprise's demands. The Digiledge platform will provide the necessary flexibility required to create a wide range of applications. Blockchain is a necessary condition, but the applications have to satisfy many other conditions, such as application management, compliance, access and authentication.”

Digiledge started with a humble beginning with its first project in December 2016; and has since been steadily climbing the ladder of success. The firm is moving forward in the domain with a focus on engineering products which usher in trust and transparency in the business environment along with intelligence and hopes to emerge as one of the strong players in this domain.