BlockCluster: For a Smooth Transition to Blockchain Environment

CIO Vendor The possibilities of the Blockchain are enormous and it seems that almost any industry that deals with some sort of transaction, which would mean any industry, can and will be disrupted by the Blockchain. However, novice movers take no time to realize that transforming and maintaining the blockchain model of their business is not as easy as it comes. To their rescue, New Delhi headquartered BlockCluster is a Blockchain Management System that automates task essential for Blockchain applications without requiring any additional technical developments. Businesses can engage in a Blockchain network, perform node management, configure permissions within groups and create digitized version of their assets on Blockchain; all this in a simple measure of clicks. BlockCluster’s BMS includes a rich catalog of cloud services which allows a business owner to build and deploy business blockchain applications rapidly. BlockCluster promises to let anyone create Blockchain backend stack under 15 minutes which usually takes hundreds of hours and Blockchain expertise.

As privacy concerns grow among the consumers, it is not difficult to understand why a lot of users turned to blockchain technology in an effort to reduce their digital imprint. For the cause, BlockCluster uses its own proprietary impulse protocol which is based on bleeding edge proxy re-encryption technology, thereby making sure that the transaction security and conditional permissions are maintained. The deployment can be cloud based or onpremises using BlockCluster sandbox for Banks, Financial institutions, Fintech, Defence and supply chain enterprises. To summarize using BlockCluster any Blockchain tech use case can be achieved in less than half an hour.
Partner Programs
Besides, BlockCluster offers various programs, platforms and resources to support businesses in their journey. Consultants or technology solutions providers either can reap the benefits of BlockCluster’s partner programs. As a platform reseller, the partner is entitled to exclusive access to early releases and ongoing partner discounts on the platform. Any costs going towards PSO, App dev or support is also subsidized. At the same time, if one chooses to become a consulting Partner, the partner will be enabled to help customers design and manage their workloads and applications on BlockCluster. Consulting Partners can be Strategic Consultancies, Agencies or Service Providers. A part of the program, BlockCluster’s System integrators (SIs) work to provide with services for their customers application projects. Any client project can be classified as BlockCluster Platform, added SI services (Servers/UI/ UX etc). And lastly, as a strategic partner, BlockCluster and the partner, both will share expertise, technology, resources, or competencies with each other for mutual benefit. “Strategic partnership is to create a synergy that multiplies both profit potential”, adds Vinshu Gupta, Founder & CEO, BlockCluster.

BlockCluster promises to let anyone create Blockchain backend stack under 15 minutes which usually takes hundreds of hours and Blockchain expertise

In the years to come, BlockCluster intends to support multiple blockchain protocols and consensus in order to become a one-stop solution for enterprises’ Blockchain needs. “Tomorrow by simply using our business-friendly interface people will be able to decide which flavor of DLT they want to launch- Hyperledger, Corda or Quorum etc. but of course Dynamo always will be there”, concludes Vinshu.