Chakravuyha: Solidifying the Foundations of Data Availability and Transparency in Blockchain Applications

CIO Vendor What makes Blockchain different is its capability to distribute a record of transactions to internet-enabled devices running blockchain software. The world of business needs to evolve in a way where one can utilize trust created by validating blocks of data. The real-time synchronized system is the need of business today. Enterprise experts are held back by the thought of complex Systems integration, running FAT Datacenters with power hungry equipments laying wrath with high Capex-Opex solution, data security, business confidentiality, privacy, and legal liability. Over the past few years, implementations and success stories have testified that Blockchain is a sustainable solution and answer to concerns. “Leveraging Blockchain, enterprises can increase the utilization rate of cash flows, and greatly improve the efficiency of value transmission in order to support more business development. Though we still need to wait for real internet-based sovereignty”, Sai Teja Annareddy, Founder, Chakravuyha.

Turning the tables here, Hyderabad based Chakravuyha has built a platform delivering Data Availability and Transparency as one of the most crucial aspects. Chakravuyha believes that leveraging the use of Blockchain technology can eliminate the asymmetric traffic flow problem and allow ownership of data to empower its owner. At Chakravuyha, the team of skilled individuals not only creates or migrates products/ platforms on blockchain, but dive in diverse research for the same. Adequate study is put into the segment to verify how it should be done with minimal operational and commercial outage.

At Chakravuyha, the team of skilled individuals not only creates or migrates products/ platforms on blockchain, but dive in diverse research for the same

Staying Goal
Oriented Chakravuyha has a good success ratio. Projects like coinlancer, Femergy and a next-generation live streaming app called virtual arena are some of the developed projects that Chakravuyha enlists in their success book. For virtual arena, the company had to undergo a lot of research; given the idea itself was put forth by Chakravuyha’s research team. Unlike any other regular streaming application, this new product has remarkable features and revenue possibilities. “Just like the same any product to be developed or serviced we are very choosy in terms of functionalities and work possibilities, but for us, just being goal oriented is our success story”, adds Sai Teja Annareddy.
Having started as a simple technology company, Chakravuyha has now evolved to transform into a state of the art and one of its kind blockchain based service provider with the application of many technologies involved. Machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques are already propellers to the applications in the market and Chakravuyha shows promises to become one of the pioneers in bringing the same up.