Inspira Enterprise: Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Securing Digital Economy

CIO Vendor Blockchain has impacted various industries such as healthcare and banking which rely on traditional data management strategies. The various facets of Blockchain can leave a positive impact on the integrity, giving organizations a way to secure confidential information. A CMMI Level 3 certified organization; an exclusive partner of Guardtime, Inspira Enterprise provides customers with private blockchain based solutions. These solutions are spread across various domains ensuring Data, System and Process Integrity. Partnering with Guardtime, Inspira Enterprise is working with customers across domains to bring value add through their highly scalable and integratable blockchain based solutions. Guardtime is a leading blockchain company (by revenue, headcount and by customer), that offers security solutions on blockchain implementation.

With its Center of Excellence in Networking, IT Security, Cloud, Blockchain, Unified Communication, Healthcare and Smart City Solutions, Inspira Enterprise helps clients maximize their performance by leveraging best talents having technical expertise & domain wide knowledge, innovative management philosophy and comprehensive portfolio of services.

The CEO, Manoj Kanodia shares, “Blockchain is the underlying technology powering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While we don’t know how the future of crypto currencies will shape up, but we are very sure that the future of underlying technology, Blockchain, is very bright. This technology is termed as ‘Internet 2.0’, currently it’s in very nascent stage and lots of organizations are experimenting with it. Seeing the investment this technology is attracting, we are going to witness a massive shift in the existing processes redesigned with blockchain technology”. To further strengthen expertise in the blockchain space, Inspira leverages an inhouse team of certified KSI blockchain developers, subject matter experts and solution architects to help customers in their blockchain journey.
Real Value Add for Citizens
Inspira Enterprise focuses on achieving data integrity for a plethora of industries. KSI uses only hashfunction cryptography to ensure data integrity, allowing verification to rely only on the security of hashfunctions and the availability of a public ledger commonly referred to as a blockchain. The KSI blockchain overcomes the technical limitation of other blockchain technologies related to commitment time, scalability etc. The KSI blockchain can scale to provide immutability for petabytes of data, every second. The blockchain size grows linearly with time, independent of the amount of data being registered. Guardtime’s KSI Blockchain is the fundamental integrity substrate for the Estonian e-Government systems that have 1,000+ citizen services. At Inspira Enterprise, the team is closely working with customers, both from Governments and Corporate sector and positioning their blockchain solutions that can be a real value-add for the citizens.

To further strengthen expertise in the blockchain space, Inspira leverages an inhouse team of certified KSI blockchain developers

In line with their focus on fastmoving IT trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and evolving security technologies, Inspira partners with world leading OEMs who invest heavily in R&D. Moreover, Inspira has moved from old-school delivery to more of a work-flow based delivery model. With standard requirements, Inspira has structured work-flow based tool to enable delivery across their COEs (Centers of Excellence) – Blockchain, Networking, Cloud, Security, Unified Communication, Smart City and Healthcare Solutions and looks forward to introducing several such futuristic and disruptive technologies to make a remarkable difference in the client’s overall business.