Nonceblox: Building Commercially Scalable Blockchain Products

CIO Vendor Blockchain is quickly becoming an established enterprise technology. New technologies and capabilities surrounding blockchain are emerging almost every other day. Based out of New Delhi, Nonceblox Private Limited is a team of experienced blockchain architects, consultants, business SMEs and ICO advisers dedicated towards building commercially scalable Blockchain products.

Nonceblox creates solutions on Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Quorum, Corda, Lisk, NEO and NEM. The accomplished team harbors the passion to create commercially viable blockchain products that benefit businesses. With a cumulative experience of more than 30 years, the Nonceblox team is proficient in offering digitally enabled ledger solutions, bootstrapping an ICO and taking ownership of end to end projects. The CEO, Ritam Gupta, explains “Nonceblox’ forte lies in our drive for innovation and curiosity for technologies that redefine business dynamics. This spirit is reflected and practised in Nonceblox to guide our future endeavours”. The company has come forth with several groundbreaking products for the market.

Use case Applications via Quintessential Products
Nonceblox’ EduBlox is a revolutionary product that leverages the power of blockchain to verify the educational background of an individual and authenticate it against forgery. Harnessing the disruptive technology of a decentralized and transparent blockchain system, EduBlox offers next-generation degree verification solutions that provide trust and security to the involved parties. Nonceblox’ team of experts have designed EduBlox to act as an analysis system that corroborates the data passed through it with the block chain ledger and establish the veracity of the documents. With substantial experience of working in the domain of Blockchains and Distributed Ledger technologies, the ‘Nonce Ninjas’ have created EduBlox to safeguard educational institutions and students, in a time and cost effective manner.

Similarly, ‘Fin Blox’ is blockchain assisted trade finance from Nonceblox that assists businesses in purchase order financing and invoice discounting online. Backed by blockchain technology and the Nonce Ninja’s expertise, FinBlox allows people to create, edit and send online purchase orders and use it for their business transactions. All these orders are created with block chain, both the involved parties have visibility on the status of the document and can track it at their own end. The robust technology employed by FinBlox nullifies the probabilities of fraud as it offers transparency and accountability to the created document, giving the users the knowledge of their transaction. This easy to use and convenient way of creating purchase orders and invoices has been very instrumental to curb cases of unscrupulous transaction, fraud and tampering of data.

NimBus gives businesses the autonomy and visibility to have the knowledge of every step in the network of supply chain agencies

WalletBlox and NimBus are two other blockchain products by Nonceblox. WalletBlox is a one stop vault to store and manage one’s different crypto currencies. This single crypto currency wallet allows you to transact, store, receive, and send virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Neo, Ripple, Zcash, Ethereum etc. without compromising with security. Right from conducting payments and audits to monitoring the level of inventory and assists, Nonceblox’ supply chain blox, NimBus, for the pharmaceutical market enables enterprises to do that and much more. NimBus gives businesses the autonomy and visibility to have the knowledge of every step in the network of supply chain agencies.

With such vigour in product innovations, Nonceblox has made a good number of heads turn in the market. This stellar performance will surely lead the company to greater heights, while their current product portfolio speaks for itself.