Oryx Prive Investment a New Dawn for the Venture Capital Firms

CIO Vendor Start-ups today, are fixated on fundraising — and it’s certainly there for the taking: last year, VC funding hit a decade-long record-high of USD 84.2B in the US. An overall glance at the Indian tech startup ecosystem will exhibit a much finer picture: 100th position in terms of ease of doing business; 37th position on the global startup ecosystem comparison chart; and several partnerships with the foreign governments to facilitate cross-border start-up opportunities to the Indian entrepreneurs. Research by Annual review of financial economics suggests that the venture capital system has been an integral force in backing and supporting innovations taking place over the past three decades. However, there exist some major hindrances in the current VC model that is affecting the overall trend, decreasing the amount being invested in this space, and moving towards allocating more funds to later-stage investments such as series A and Series B investments. This in turn, results in a state where young entrepreneurs with exceptionally new ideas are ready to launch their products, but lack initial funding, leading to failure.

Based out of Dubai, Oryx Prive Investment LLC is a global financial and asset management advisory company, primarily focused in Fintech space. The company has largely evolved to integrate blockchain technology into financial and Investment groups across the globe. “Our research and combined experience of the VC industry in particular and fintech industry in general, reveals some inherent drawbacks in the traditional VC model that includes Lower Liquidity and high entry barriers resulting in making the VC investments the exclusive domain of rich and famous.” said Sajid Jamal, Founder, Oryx Prive Investment LLC. Oryx has developed an exclusive platform for the Venture Capital firms. The firm is facilitating VCs to tokenize their fundraising and investors management process using Oryx platform. The platform can be customized for different firms and can be made operational in a timeframe of 15 working days.

Revolutionizing the Way VC Industry Conducts Itself
Redefining the way VCs manage their investments, Oryx has a vision where different venture capital firms have their own digital assets secured through cryptographic medium to track an asset for fundraising: each associated with a specific fund or theme of the firm. These cryptographically secured digital assets will provide extremely long-term funds to the VC Firms, allowing them enough time for taking long-term bets.
Such listed assets can be embraced by wealth advisory firms and asset management firms, who can create a portfolio of such cryptographic digital assets under a fund structure similar to a fund of funds. Thus, a new product category will be offered for investors to invest into. “The efficiencies created by these listed digital assets will revolutionize the way VC industry conducts itself”, exclaims the Founder.

Oryx is not only aiming to harness the blockchain technology in full measure, but also have been working on integrating the same with more sophisticated technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Cryptography and Smart Contracts. Sajid believes that through the VC industry’s transactional history on blockchain and through asset tokenization, Oryx will serve the community with added benefits, as compared to how traditional capital markets operate. This means, direct liquidity through listing on crypto trading exchanges, more visibility through transparent blockchain, reduced lockup periods, secure and easily accessible tokenization, low entry limits and technical assistance to a potential investor.

AIDIA Platform
Oryx is already taking huge stances towards achieving this by developing AIDIA—A highly sophisticated AI for Decentralized Application. “Our AI backed Startup evaluator that will help the community and the investment body to make further educated and smart decisions, is already under testing and will be available soon as per the roadmap”, explains Sajid. Where an investor might find oneself stuck with just one project that may or may not fetch the expected earnings or any earning at all; by choosing the Oryx platform the same investor can be certain of earnings as the platform invests in multiple startups thus mitigating the risk, and enhancing the opportunity to create better results through the combined output from such startups.

A socio-economic approach as it is, Oryx is supporting potential startups with a probable significant role in the future. Oryx model is to support competent entrepreneurs with potential MVPs by providing initial seed investment and incubate and accelerate the startups to create new jobs for the overall economy. At the same time, the Oryx platform brings in the otherwise under privileged investor community into the Venture Capital Investing domain. This huge investor community has been excluded due to the current design of the present VC model. Oryx, through its platform will be providing VC initiatives with the technology that is required as plug n play for migrating into such digital assetized format. Finishing up with the AIDIA, Oryx is entering the next phase to complete the process of launching cryptographically secured Smart Contract based Digital assets for Venture Capital Firms by the second quarter of 2019. “We are striving to provide our community of users with a level of security, reliability, and utility that will not only match but exceed that of existing market platforms”, concludes the Founder.