RaceNext: Promoting Blockchain beyond BFSI

CIO Vendor Blockchain may have originally been developed to power cryptocurrencies, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t have applications across a whole range of industries. Based in Mumbai, RaceNext is one of the early companies that invested in exploring the economic impact of this phenomenal disruptor and mastered how to gainfully deploy blockchain for Manufacturing, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Education, and Agriculture etc.

Back in August 2017, the RaceNext Blockchain Symposium at Mumbai triggered an avalanche of other blockchain events. This symposium was a memorable collection of over 12 speakers from IBM, PrimeChain, SnapperTech, SimplyFI, Sofocle, Auxesis among others and was attended by over 80 participants from KPMG, LIC, ICICI, RIL, MotilalOswal, 63 Moons etc.

Since then they have been evangelizing blockchain across various interest groups like the CIO Klub, Reliance Innovation Council, Bombay Chartered Accountants Society and many other tier 1 private and public sector companies. Being a consulting company primarily, they have also steadily built a reliable network of technology service providers across India that is engaged in various pilots using Ethereum and Hyperledger frameworks. Their innovative training course on blockchain has also been taken in for video conversion for a SCORM compliant online learning platform for a leading business media house.

Re-look Business Model through Disruptive Emerging Technology
RaceNext focuses on end-use benefit maximization so that it can provide solutions to users for their business problems.
“With our vast network of technology providers, and the trust customers have in our transparent interactions, we can offer a choice of delivery models to customers, which is not possible for single stack technology startups”, informs Arvind Prabhu, Director at RaceNext.

RaceNext offers consulting and project delivery assistance for adopting this new disruptive technology successfully; implement solutions on Ethereum, Hyperledger and guide the transition of the mindsets. What truly differentiates RaceNext is their work in the other emerging technologies that gives them an edge to architect stronger business solutions that require to integrate with 3D printing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence etc. Imagine cadavers reaching the correct persons awaiting a transplant, compared to how vulnerable the entire supply and provisioning process today is. RaceNext has groomed two supply chain startups to migrate their solutions to a true blockchain platform.

RaceNext is a consumer representative organization and intends to remain so. With years of multi-industry projects of different sizes, RaceNext understands exactly what the decision-makers desire and can influence the supplier applications to provide functionality relevant to the business users and is totally equipped to steer the consumer organizations to successfully reach the desired changed state of successful realization. The company looks forward to grooming and developing capable delivery network partners who also get to work transparently with the end-customer. Through their training programs, RaceNext aims to provide quality resources to technology service providers as well as new-gen business analysts for the consumer organizations. By adopting newer methodologies to match the rapid time to market requirements, RaceNext is keen and capable to engage at any stage of the project.

RaceNext is happy to be part of think tanks that work in the complex fields of agriculture, education, and healthcare etc. RaceNext has a solid chain of business analysts, technologists and trainers to help clients understand and transition to blockchain seamlessly. For any consumer organization reading this, RaceNext assures that blockchain if adopted correctly will ultimately remove concerns in several areas of their critical business processes.