Snapper Future Tech: Enabling Blockchain for Secure and Transparent Business Processes

CIO Vendor The pharmaceutical industry is actively exploring the blockchain technology to help with several real world use cases. Many of these explorations already have proof-of-concept implementations that have generated tractable interests in the Pharma industry. Particularly, an estimated annual global loss of USD 200 billion due to sales of counterfeit medicines has been a major concern in the pharma industry. 10 percent to 30 percent of the drugs sold in developing countries are counterfeit. Controlling counterfeit drugs is a long standing problem in the Pharma industry as these drugs do not contain the necessary active ingredients and can potentially harm the patients. With an objective to turn the tables here, Pune headquartered Snapper Future Tech Private Limited has developed an innovative solution to overcome the counterfeit drug traceability issue at hand. Snapper enables recording and verifying of data at each stage in a Blockchain network using IoT & Analytics. This helps tracing drugs with accurate information and facilitates transparent communication across the entire supply chain.

Moreover, open data access permitting authentication of drugs helps in data integrity & transparency and finding counterfeit drugs.
Moreover, with the advent of new technological systems, the automotive supply chain industry is continuously on the path of change with renegotiations made at every step as the global economy fluctuates. When the automotive industry continues to grow, challenges also continue to arise. Many of these challenges can be difficult and/or impossible to handle by a small- to mediumsize business.

This also demands an effective value chain with increasing profits while dealing with overstock, recalls, vehicle tracking and other issues. Some of these challenges include inventory overstock, vehicle recalls, vehicle traceability, frauds related to insurance claims and road tax, vehicle theft and misuse and complex registration process.
Snapper’s blockchain solutions avails vehicle verification & tracking, accurate and transparent vehicle data visibility at each stage and secured and trusted vehicle records. Success of any technology depends upon its developer community. Current talent pool in this technology is able to cater less than 20 percent of the demand. To build a strong community, Snapper is launching Blockchain Research Centers in partnership with local and global partners. The vision is to connect, converge and grow blockchain ecosystem.

Snapper has designed innovative solutions using Blockchain Technology to solve major business problems across Healthcare, Supply Chain, Education, BFSI and E-Governance

Snapper has been helping customers globally to implement Blockchain Technology based solutions. The company has been funded by a US based family fund. Snapper has designed innovative solutions using Blockchain Technology to solve major business problems across Healthcare, Supply Chain, Education, BFSI and E-Governance. “Blockchain age is much bigger revolution as Blockchain establishes trust in a secured, transparent and privacy protected environment by connecting the whole ecosystem together. We believe Trust is the greatest value creator by Blockchain Technology and Snapper is contributing by building futuristic and revolutionary products and solutions,” says Naresh Jain, Co-founder, Snapper Future Tech along with other partners Prasanth Jain and Avnish Gupta. Having started to build blockchain based platform through their partners in the education space, Snapper further looks forward to working with partners and community globally in creating value to everyone.