Spectrus: Cross Domain Blockchain Implementations for Seamless Information

CIO Vendor There is no doubt that we are living in a digital world, and blockchain has been turning heads in the software platform space for digital assets. However, the requirements for Enterprise blockchains differ from those for consumerfocused applications. Most Enterprises do not want their transactions and business processes to be visible to common audience, but the participating entities only. This has led to various consortiums building Enterprise focused blockchain platforms that will help Enterprises adopt the blockchain platform. Based out of Bangalore, Spectrus has been delivering a plethora of blockchain services that include Decentralized App (DAPP) development, Smart contract, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Support.

Spectrus commenced their initial years with developing Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for different industries using various Blockchain platforms. Since then, the company has climbed up working on large-scale blockchain implementations spanning users across multiple geographies that are backed by digitized assets with intense intrinsic value than just speculative value. At Spectrus, the team has a proven working model to deliver solutions using emerging technologies such as blockchain, web, mobile applications using cloud and AI. In most cases Spectrus can deliver end to end solutions, but in cases where the skills required are diverse and scarcely available, Spectrus quickly fills this gap through external consultants/specialists, while the complete accountability remains with Spectrus. So far so good, the model has worked remarkably well for Spectrus with great outcomes to clients.

Broad Spectrum of Expertise Having worked with several private and public Blockchain platforms, Spectrus goes beyond the obvious such as Ethereum. “While Ethereum was always considered as the Mother ship for public blockchain application that caters to almost all aspects of Blockchain development, more recently there have been a lot of newer platforms that are more like speed boats that makes specific needs of Blockchain development faster & better - like Multichain, Stellar, etc.”, says Ajay Varghese, Director – Products & Services.
Some of the recent engagements of Spectrus involve Digital & Secure Cryptocurrency Wallets using Web & Mobile Apps (including an exchange to convert between cryptocurrencies). Spectrus has also designed Inventory Management & Smart Warehouse solutions for Supply Chain, leveraging smart contracts & IoT devices to automate business processes, and thereby reduce costs and increase processing speed.

Spectrus has matured into working on large-scale blockchain implementations spanning users across multiple geographies that are backed by digitized assets with intense intrinsic value than just speculative value

Leveraging their experience in an array of blockchain platforms, Spectrus has developed eCommerce applications on a decentralized and distributed public blockchain platform. Asset digitization of crops, Tokenization, Redemption for the Agriculture domain, and solutions for Food safety & Provenance tracking are few of the checkpoints Spectrus has sped along. While at these, the company has also stepped into building solutions for the franchise business to create trust between the franchisor and franchisees by providing traceability & transparency with respect to the process & transactions involved.

“Our priority will always remain to support quality with innovation over volume and growth”, says Mahadev Chikkanna, Executive Director, Spectrus. As a service provider, Spectrus express their objective to remain boutique, catering to smaller number of clients globally, and delivering high quality solutions with superior customer experience.