Towardsblockchain: Read World Apps on Blockchain

CIO Vendor We've all heard of Bitcoin but a lay man is often unacquainted with Blockchain, the technology that runs Bitcoin. This silent techie gem is literally revolutionizing the world economy. It's a decentralized technology that puts more control in the hands of the user rather than a centralized authority, it's exponentially hacker proof, and it levels the playing field for all people to profit not just the haves. This technology was originally designed for peer-to-peer transactions where people could send money and information to each other with complete privacy and a high level of security from hackers. Now it is being used for much more, from managing land-records to supply chain, heralding a new era in technology.

Incubated in Cambridge Innovation Center, MIT Boston, TBC has introduced and advised a broad spectrum of companies on the utility of using blockchain for real-world applications. Using their blockchain development platform Authox has been effectively able to demonstrate how blockchain can be used for managing employee identification, documents, contracts and certificates with a great level of security and authenticity.

TBC is also integrating blockchain with smart technologies for building access, for public transportation and ticketing. The company has also created single sign-on for websites which won't require you to use a centralized authority, such as Facebook and Google, to log in. This is an ideal application for the private sector and defense that require a high level of security control.

Payment Systems
Money is not dumb anymore, with blockchain technologies one can program business rules for any monetary transaction. This is done by using ‘smart contracts’. However, if a smart contract is poorly programmed, millions can be stolen and/or left frozen in cyber space.
To preempt this problem TBC has created an easy to use drag and drop system that is tested reliable and secure. Along with mobile Point Of Sales systems integration, TBC smart money solution offers a host of possibilities for honest disbursement of charity, loan management, invoice management and host of other applications.

Driven by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, an alumnus of MIT, Oxford & IIT and technologist from Silicon Valley, TBC is completely focused on bringing blockchain apps to market

The Leaders of the Blockchain Revolution
Driven by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, an alumnus of MIT, Oxford & IIT and technologist from Silicon Valley, TBC is completely focused on bringing blockchain apps to market. The technology team is spearheaded by TBC’s Founder Kawal Arora, a Silicon Valley technologist and a soughtafter consultant with over a decade of experience in various sectors such as banking, fintech , healthcare and insurance. Another Founder of TBC Aman Sanduja is a firm believer of Innovation-driven entrepreneurship. He has worked with leading companies before founding TBC. He is a prominent speaker at various blockchain conferences, academic, and industry forums. Aman has taught blockchain technology to over a thousand students in various colleges. He actively conducts Podcast and hosts virtual meetings, where leaders from the blockchain and emerging technology space share their discoveries and insights. There are four other co-founders in TBC, who have industrial expertise in Maritime , Telecom , Insurance and various other fields . With some amazing apps and wealth of experience, TBC is one company to watch out for in the blockchain space.