Colan Infotech: A Blockchain Realm Entity using Hedera Hashgraph, Producing Striking Results

CIO Vendor Today, blockchain technology, owing to its capabilities of eliminating intermediaries and enabling immutable transactions, is being adopted by businesses across many industry verticals. According to a research report by Mordor Intelligence, the Blockchain market is expected to reach USD 982.80 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 15.2 per cent between 2020 and 2025. However, along with huge benefits in terms of transparency, efficiency and security, blockchain also comes with a number of challenges and limitations such as high energy consumption and application interoperability, which are acting as impediments for businesses during technology deployment. As a result, enterprises are looking for an expert firm who can help them harness the potential of blockchain to enhance their business growth while overcoming these challenges.

Personalized Services with Business Specific Solutions
Clearly understanding the concerns of businesses is where Colan Infotech comes into the picture. They do this by directly addressing Blockchain related Use Case conception, design and development challenges which will result in quantifiable business process improvements and an increase in overall productivity.

The company provides a whole host of industry specific Blockchain solutions to businesses across different industry verticals such as Real estate, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Banking & Finance, Insurance, and Healthcare.

“As an early entrant into the Blockchain domain, we have a deep and fair understanding of the opportunities, limitations and complexities of Blockchain. We have a dedicated Blockchain team who explore all possibilities and provide clients with Use Case insights as well as how to design and develop Dapp (Decentralised Application) solutions to support them," says Fairoz Baqth, CEO of Colan Infotech. "We provide best-in-class Blockchain solutions using our own technology platforms. Hedera Hashgraph, a third-generation public ledger and proof-of-stake public network is powered by hashgraph-consensus which achieves the highest-grade of security possible (aBFT), with blazing-fast transaction speeds and incredibly low energy and data bandwidth consumption. Converging Blockchain solutions with AI/ML, UI/UX, Chatbots, Textrobots has made us a preferred partner for our customers," he adds.

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) using Hedera Hashgraph
Hedera Hashgraph is ideally suited to support a vast array of applications
and has become the world’s first mass-adopted public distributed ledger since it overcomes obstacles such as: Performance, Security, Governance, Stability and Regulatory Compliance. It enables one to write transactions at native speed for a scalable, cost effective solution to manage exchange orders, audit logs, supply chain tracking, and endless possibilities. The company has tied up with Guard Global (a partner of Hedera Hashgraph) to develop viable data driven energy management applications and a peer-to-peer energy trading platform. Markets include Electric Vehicle Charging Networks as well as Integrated Microgrids for residential and commercial customers.

Hedera Hashgraph is ideally suited to support a vast array of applications and has become the world's first mass adopted public distributed ledger since it satisfies obstacles such as Performance, Security, Governance, Stability and Regulatory Compliance

Facilitating Blockchain-based Decentralization
As blockchain continues to find traction across different verticals, almost every digitally aware business is entering into the world of decentralization. Colan Infotech is perfectly positioned to help these businesses by offering full-scale support in deploying decentralized infrastructures. The company offers blockchain development services in the areas of Smart Contract development, Decentralized App (Dapp) development, Hyperledger and Multi-chain development, Private Blockchain development, Supply Chain development, Crypto-currency development, ICO development, Security Token Offerings, Ambrosus (Blockchain powered IoT network), etc. “Superlative technical capabilities of our certified decentralized blockchain app creators, robust security and quick response are our unique selling points. Not just the things we do, but the way we do them helps us differentiate ourselves from other solution providers in the market,” highlights Fairoz.

By leveraging their vast experience in implementing various blockchain projects across various industries, Colan Info¬tech is working on Cyber Security Management and Electric Car Operating System projects. Moving ahead, Colan Infotech is collaborating with Guard Global Ltd, a UK based firm to work on several projects including Innovate UK, Etopia Corby Homes, as well as UK National Grid energy management projects by Power Transition Ltd and The Carbon Free Group.